GIMS Institute Gujrat campus has 4000+ books and has capacity to cater large groups in one go. Library has a hall and HEC E-Library with high speed 100MB dedicated internet for students. Students can access virtual library and study from vast material available in the libarary. And 4000+ books ranging from subject related to religion, literature, general information and more

Computer & Science labs:

There are three labs at the campus each fully equipped with systems and internet. Each lab has 50 systems. GIMS Institute Gujrat campus wishes to facilitate its students the best so that students who come and study here learn modern techniques and go side by side with the changing technological environment.


At GIMS Institute it is our wish that students get involves in sports activities along with studies to make them healthy and active and get into spirit of GIMS Institue making it a family of healthy body and brain which can function smartly in practical life. Students have facility to play badminton, table tennis, Volley ball and Cricket. And for big events district sports ground is utilized.

First Aid at Campus

Campus has first aid box which is always fully loaded with first aid items. Also in case of on campus injury administration seeks advice of medical practitioner.

Parking Area

There are separate parking areas for the faculty and the students.

Office of Student Affairs

Office of student affairs has high significance in making students in the classroom and outside more disciplined, more confident and more at home. Office of Students Affairs provides students support and guidance from the time they begin their journey at the Institute.

Girls Common Room

At campus girls have separate common room to relax, eat and pray. It is clean and relaxing sitting area accessible to girls only.


Campus cafeteria has snacks, lunch and tea facility and a hustling center where life at campus gets fueled. A lush cafeteria with sitting area and relaxing green view to the tennis lawns.


Campus also have a stationary shop where everyday items are readily available. Students have the facility to get print outs and photocopies along with binding facility. Students can also purchase monogram stickers for their vehicles and souvenirs.