Student’s Scholarship

Gujrat institute of management sciences (GIMS) has revised various scholarship schemes from Fall-2018 to onward (only for few students) till further approval from BOG. The scholarship schemes have been classified onto two major categories:

Category A:

This category includes scholarships available at the time of admission.

  1. Merit Based Scholarship
  2. Kinship Scheme
  3. Teacher Son Scholarship

Merit Scholarship

Merit scholarship will be awarded on basis of marks gained in last degree. The criteria are given below

Kinship scheme

Kinship scholarship will be awarded to 2nd sibling and will be 20% on tuition fee.

Teacher Son/Daughter

Teacher Son/Daughter will be awarded to those students whose parents are Govt. Teacher and will be awarded 25% scholarship on tuition Fee.

Category B:

This category includes scholarship available during studies.
1. Need Based scholarship
Need Based scholarship will be awarded to deserving students after 1st semester. They will
apply for scholarship after getting admission and will be awarded after verification. The
candidate will be entitled scholarship from 20% to 50% on tuition fee from 2nd semester.
This policy rules apply for Fall-2022 admissions only and supersede all previous rules on the

Continuation of Scholarship:

  1. The award of Merit Scholarship is for the whole degree program.
  2. In the case of discipline or any other violation of the University/Institute/rules and regulations, the award of Merit scholarship shall be stand cancel.