Admission Elegibility

  • A person holding Intermediate Science Certificate (Pre-Medical) or an equivalent certificate from any recognized Institute/College with at least 50% marks excluding marks for Hafiz-e-Quran, or any other marks specified shall be eligible for admission.
  • Admission will be on open merit basis based on marks obtained in last degree.
  • Age: a candidate must not be more than 23 years of age on its October of the year of admission provided that the vice chancellor may relax age limit is very exceptional case.

Academic Standing

Grade point average:

  • Maximum grade point average 4.00
  • Minimum grade point average for obtaining the degree 2.50
  • To remain on the role of university a student shall be required to maintain the following minimum CGPA otherwise he/she shall be ceased on the university role.
  • A student who maintain the minimum GPA/CGPA for promotion and merits the requirements will be promoted to the next semester.
  • A student who does not meet the requirements made repeat the whole semester once only. The course creates that student earns in the repeated semester shall replace the previously earned course grades.
  • During the specified minimum duration for completing the degree, a student may repeat those course of the previous semester in which he/she secured the grade “F” provided the course load does not exceed the maximum limit of credit hours in a semester. Repetition of lowest grades will be allowed after completing last semester if, the CGPA is less than the degree requirements.
  • In the 8th semester if, a student fails to achieve the 2.5 CGPA, he/she have to repeat the course / courses with F & D Grades, so as to make CGPA of 2.5 within the maximum time period allowed for the degree.
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Proposed Study Plan BS Medical Lab Technology

Semester – I
Sr. No Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 MLT-101 Human Anatomy and Physiology-I 3(2-1)
2 MLT-102 Medical Biochemistry 3(3-0)
3 MLT-103 English-I 3(3-0)
4 MLT-104 Principles of Biosafety and Biosecurity 3(3-0)
5 MLT-105 Phlebotomy 2(1-1)
6 MLT-106 Islamic Studies/Ethics (Non-Muslim) 3(3-0)
Total 17
Semester – II
Sr. No Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 MLT-201 Human Anatomy and Physiology-II 3(2-1)
2 MLT-202 Introduction to ICT 3(2-1)
3 MLT-203 Basis of Microscopy and Learning Techniques 2(1-1)
4 MLT-204 Pak Studies 3(3-0)
5 MLT-205 General Pathology 3(3-0)
6 MLT-206 English II 3(3-0)
Total 17
Semester – III
Sr. No Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 MLT-301 Medical Microbiology 3(2-1)
2 MLT-302 Hematology-I 3(2-1)
3 MLT-303 Laboratory Instrumentationand Techniques 2(1-1)
4 MLT-304 General Pharmacology 3(3-0)
5 MLT-305 Computer Controls andAutomation in Medical Laboratory 2(1-1)
6 MLT-306 Clinical Biochemistry 3(2-1)
Total 16
Semester – IV
Sr. No Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 MLT-401 Clinical Bacteriology 3(2-1)
2 MLT-402 Hematology-II 3(2-1)
3 MLT-403 Introduction to Forensic sciences 3(2-1)
4 MLT-404 Molecular biology 3(2-1)
5 MLT-405 Laboratory Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2(1-1)
6 MLT-406 Laboratory Mathematics 3(2-1)
Total 17
Semester – V
Sr. No Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 MLT-501 Human Genetics 3(2-1)
2 MLT-502 Biotechnology 3(2-1)
3 MLT-503 Chemical Pathology 3(2-1)
4 MLT-504 Blood Banking &Transfusion Medicine 3(2-1)
5 MLT-505 Histo-techniques 3(2-1)
Total 16
Semester – VI
Sr. No Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 MLT-601 Immunology and Serology 3(2-1)
2 MLT-602 Clinical Virology and Mycology 3(2-1)
3 MLT-603 Cytology and Cytogenetics 3(2-1)
4 MLT-604 Bioinformatics 3(2-1)
5 MLT-605 Biomedical Engineering 3(2-1)
6 MLT-606 Clinical Pathology 3(2-1)
Total 18
Semester – VII
Sr. No Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 MLT-701 Bio-statistics 3(2-1)
2 MLT-702 Research methodology and communication skills 3(3-0)
3 MLT-703 Public health and Epidemiology 3(3-0)
4 MLT-704 Fundamental of Infection Control 3(3-0)
5 MLT-705 Advance Lab Concept and Quality Control 3(2-1)
Total 15
Semester – VIII
Sr. No Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 MLT-801 Research project 6(0-6)
2 MLT-802 Seminar 1(1-0)
3 MLT-803 Medical Sociology 3(2-1)
4 MLT-804 Bioethics 2(2-0)
Total 12
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