GIMS Student Society (GSS)

The GIMS Student Society (GSS), have representation from all academic programs, comprises active and social volunteer students at the institution. The student society not only represents the entire student circle but also manages the co-curricular activities to major aspects.

Key Responsibilities of society:

Some of the tasks delegated to the GSS includes:

  • Smooth execution of campus’ co-curricular and promotional activities

  • To volunteer, when available, at campus service events

  • To maintain professional conduct by treating fellow members and students with respect and courtesy

  • To help maintain a positive, friendly environment necessary for all members to learn and grow

The Inqalabians Club tends to create the environment where students will enjoy discussing current issues. They learn to create factual/logical, ethical and emotional arguments to persuade others in the club that their “side” is correct. INQALABIANS CLUB, established to enhance the student speaking, presentation, finding and rearranging the facts. The club provides safe environment to showcase the yourself as strong penetrator and speaker. In such events students meet with people of similar or vastly different opinions and stimulate minds with the power of our words.

Aims and Objective

Inqalabians aims to create an environment to build and uncover future leaders. Club environment helps GIMS students to learn to reason, arguing abilities in a fun. We aim to create a culture of healthy debate with people who have different interests and specialties and promote understanding of different perspectives and opinions and effective communication.

Following are the main objectives;

  • To conduct a Declamation contest of national and departmental level.

  • To conduct an Open Mic Debate

  • To conduct Quiz and other Competition (e.g.: Painting, Photograph, Mime) thrice a year

  • To invite the speaker from the national level for motivational talk and inspirational lecture.

Student societies play a vital role in conducting the multiple and simultaneously in a campus. These activities are part of the university environment, and students are encouraged to conduct such activities. In Universities, participation female and students have equal right to participate in all activities. The formation of a new society GIMS Gal’s Group provides the environment where they can work, discuss the ideas, conduct learning session and have fun in a safe and comfortable environment.

Aims and Objective

The sole aim of GIMS Gal’s Group is to articulate the confidence, leadership and management skills in girls. The learning and working in society independently will help them in their career and daily life to resolve the various matters without going any other issue.

Following are the main objectives;

  • To arrange, organize and enjoy events like seminars, parties and open discussion sessions.

  • To arrange the events to promote their peer girl’s art & craft and other handmade things.

  • To arrange a learning session and invite speakers