Student Scholarships

Gujrat Institute of Management Sciences (GIMS) has revised various scholarship schemes from Fall-2018 to onward (only for new students) till further approval from BOG. The scholarship schemes have been classified in to two major categories:

Category A: 

This category includes scholarships available at the time of admission.

  1. Merit Based Scholarship

  2. Kinship Scheme

  3. Teacher Son Scholarship

Category B:

This category includes scholarships available during studies.

  1. Need Based Scholarship


The policy rules apply for Fall-2018 admissions only and supersede all previous rules on the subject.

1- Merit Scholarship:

Merit scholarship is awarded on basis of marks gained in last degree. The criteria is given below:

Program of Study

Numbers Gained 
in Last Degree

Award of Scholarship 
(Tuition Fee)

For All Programs offered at GIMS

75% and above


70% to 74.9%


65% to 69.9%


Continuation of Scholarship:

  • The award of Merit Scholarship is for the whole degree program.

  • In case of discipline or any other violation of the University/Institute rules and regulations, the award of Merit Scholarship shall be stand cancel.

2- Kinship Scheme:

This scheme will cover the siblings who are concurrently students of GIMS.

Scholarship Category


Award of 

Kinship Scheme

Two or more Siblings 
Concurrently Students of GIMS

20% waiver in Tuition Fees of 2nd child and onward


  • The award of Kinship Scholarship is for the whole degree program.

  • In case of one sibling completes his/her degree, the scholarship will continue for the other sibling(s).

  • In case of discipline or any other violation of the University/Institute rules and regulations, the award of Kinship Scholarship shall be stand cancel.

3- Teacher Son Scholarship:

Teacher’s son or daughter will be provided 25% scholarship on tuition fee. 

4- Need Based Scholarship:

Need Based Scholarship will be provided from 20% to 100% wavier of Tuition fee to the deserving students depending upon their financial position.

Eligibility Criteria

Orphan Students

A bright Student whose father’s/ Mother’s income less than 15000.