GIMS is committed to attracting and retaining excellent staff capable of meeting the Institute’s strategic and operational objectives.

Selection is made purely on the basis of job-related criteria and merit, where merit indicates the extent to which a person has the relevant abilities, aptitude, skills, qualifications, knowledge, experience and achievements (including community experience), characteristics and personal qualities; and where applicable, the manner in which the person carried out the duties or functions of any previous position or previous educational or other learning experiences; and the extent to which a person has the potential for development.

The minimum age for employment at GIMS is eighteen years. Applicants must have a Computerized National Identity Card, without which an employment offer will not be made.

Favorable consideration will be given to applicants previously employed with GIMS, and who have re-applied, subject to their past employment history and satisfactory performance.

For the purposes of GIMS services, employees will be divided into the following main heads, namely:

The categories for full time faculty appointments are:

  • Teaching Fellow

  • Lecturer

  • Assistant Professor

  • Associate Professor

  • Professor

The qualifications and prior experience criteria for the above are available with Human Resource Department.

GIMS offers its faculty the choice to opt for the Tenure Track System at the Assistant Professor level and above. The criteria and other details are available with Human Resources.

Visiting Faculty

Visiting faculty members are appointed outside the tenure system on a year-to-year or semester-to-semester basis. Such appointments are not permanent and carry no implication of continuing connection with the Institute.

 Regular: Full-time, permanent employees of the Institute.

Contract: Full-time employees hired for a specific period of time.

Part-time: Employees hired for a short duration, who are either present in the office only a certain number of days of the week, or for part of the day during the week.

Daily-wage: Employees hired on daily-wages.