The students of Gujrat Institute of Management Sciences participated in Daira 19 Olympaid being hosted by FAST University Faisalabad. Total eighteen students participated in five different competitions and competed with 1300 students of 70 other national universities. GIMS’s students participated in Speed Programming, Cricket, Singing, Robotics and Badminton double.  Mirza Zeeshan form BSIT 4th competed with students ranked 2nd in Robotics category. Shahyar Khalid from BSCS 8th, Afrasiyab Haider from BSIT 7th and Abdul Aziz from BSIT 3rd tried their hard and their team stood 2nd in rank in a speed programming competition. Cricket team of GIMS lead by Captain Ahmad Nawaz had a tough competition with UCP team in a final cricket match and our GIMS team stood runner up.  The efforts of all teams were awarded  with certificates and medals.